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About us

Blanket Melbourne came about after a small group on a Facebook page were discussing one day how cold it gets in Melbourne.

We were a group of people who helped those looking for homeless loved ones to get back in touch. We decided to do a blanket drive because we wanted to do something immediate to help, and we know how brutally cold Melbourne winters are. All we needed was a distributer.

Through sheer luck we were put in touch with Anonymous X, an established group who were already out there, working hard to help those living rough on the streets. Anonymous X has established trust within the homeless community and has demonstrated amazing heart and integrity when helping others. We couldn't think of anyone better to offer our donated blankets to.

With the help of some amazing friends with some amazing talents and huge hearts we were able to get Blanket Melbourne up and running.

Thanks to:

ArtBySS for our stunning logos, branding and helping build our Facebook page. ArtBySS are a professional graphic design business who gave their time and advice and guidance for free so Blanket Melbourne would get off to a professional and successful start.

7 to 1 Photography for their amazing images. They are a professional pet photography service from Perth WA and gave their images and time freely so we could give a face to Blanket Melbourne.

Anonymous X for their hard work and dedication in helping those on the streets. These are the people who are out there at 2am, connecting with people and making sure they stay warm fed, and know that no matter what, they all matter.

We have big dreams. There is so much we want to do to help. But for now, with winter approaching, our goal is to get them warm.


Q. Where will my blanket donation go?
A. Your generous blanket donations will be going to Anonymous X , an established and trusted group of people who have built strong trust and friendships with those living on the streets of Melbourne. We will also be donating to the HoMies who run Homeless of Melbourne once their pop up store is established in a few months.

Q. How do I become a volunteer? What would I need to do?
A. If you would like to volunteer as a drop off point for donated blankets please send us a message via our Facebook page. We'll just need a mobile or phone number from you so people can arrange a suitable time with you to drop off their donations. We will only put your first name, first initial of your surname, your suburb and post code on our page. When people from your area contact us we will pass them your phone number, then it will be up to them to contact you to arrange a mutually suitable time for drop off. Once you have 5-10 blankets we will come and collect them from you. You can cease being a volunteer at any time. We appreciate everyone's efforts but understand that things happen and you may not be able to continue as a volunteer.

Q. How can I donate a blanket to Blanket Melbourne?
A. If you would like to donate a blanket to Blanket Melbourne, please message us through our Facebook page saying you have a donation, with your suburb and post code. We will then put you in touch with the closest volunteer drop off point to you. If none are close enough, we are happy to arrange someone to come and pick the blanket up from you at a suitable time.

Q. What type of blankets do you take? Are sleeping bags ok?
A. We accept any blankets, doonas, quilts, sleeping bags and warm jackets, new or second hand, any size, clean and in good condition. We also accept baby blankets. We can sew these together to make bigger blankets, or sew them to the back of thinner blankets to make them thicker and warmer.

Q. Who are the people behind Blanket Melbourne and why are you doing this?
A. Blanket Melbourne was started by me (Donna), I’m a Mum of five boys and have always had a desire to help those less fortunate. Ever since I was little I remember seeing people on the streets and I always wondered how they stayed warm, and where they slept. I used to bring stray dogs home and often neighborhood kids, who were far from lost. I just kept bringing them home! I’m a former foster parent and also helped establish and run a community group for young teenage Mum’s in the Sunbury VIC region a few years ago. I now work full time for the federal government and still have three little ones living at home, including the amazing Jman, our little Superstar. J has autism and is part of the inspiration behind Blanket Melbourne. J will never be able to live independently, and we want to do all we can to leave him behind a world that reaches out and helps others. We’re aiming to lead by example. Glenn is our fabulous website designer. Besides sharing Blanket Melbourne, we also share the same address and children tongue emoticon . Glenn also works full time so everything ‘Blanket Melbourne’ is done after work, or during meetings. Shhhh wink emoticon .Our amazing Admin Mel has been involved in several community projects and is currently madly working behind the scenes to make Blanket Melbourne happen whilst also raising two children and organising a team for ‘Relay For Life’ (The Emojis!). Mel is also on the board for K’Sparkle and is involved with several school and community groups. Mel loves keeping fit and if she’s not behind the keyboard matching blanket donors with volunteers, she’s at the gym or getting a few km’s in underfoot. Mel and I met through the same gym about 5 years ago. Then we have Sonia from ArtBySS who has done our wonderful graphic art for us. Sonia has been a long-time friend of myself and Glenn for many years. Kelly is our very talented photographer from 7 to 1 Photography in Perth, my home town, and has provided us with the images for Blanket Melbourne from the goodness of her own heart. Everyone involved with blanket Melbourne are volunteers, and offer their time and talents for free. Please be patient if it takes a while for us to get back to you. We really appreciate everyone’s donations and offers to volunteer.

So, that’s a little bit more about your Blanket Melbourne team. We hope it helps to give a little bit about why we do what we do and where our inspiration comes from. We’re real people with a drive to help others.